Womens' Health Workshops

Three Friday Night Sessions- February 21, March 6, and March 20

 Rebel Studio- 5055 E US HWY 36 Suite 101  Avon, IN

Join me for a 1-hour workshop to learn more about the foundamentals of pelvic health and pelvic floor muscle function as it relates to your core, posture, performance in daily activities or exercise, and pain prevention. Space is limited for hands on guidance of exercises and postural assessments. 

Topics include: 

2/21 - Can you Kegel?

- Pelvic Floor Anatomy and Function

-Proper strengthening and coordination of the pelvic floor and core

-Relaxation strategies to release tension 


3/6 - Prenatal Wellness

-Adapting to postural changes during pregnancy

-Maintaining abdominal strength


3/20 - Postpartum Core Restore

-Returning to pre-pregnancy posture and alignment 

-Symptoms and management of Diastasis Recti (abdominal connective tissue stretching)

- Symptoms and management of urinary leakage

-C-section recovery and scar tissue management


Cost: $25 per person - Pay online to reserve your spot


Bonus!! Everyone who attends will receive 20% Physical Therapy evaluation at Beyond Physical Therapy or 15% of Pilates Reformer session.