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Postpartum PT Bundle is set of three, one on one, PT sessions. These sessions are meant to bridge the gaps in care by screening, treating and  implementing personalized Physical Therapy programs. Beyond Physical Therapy LLC does not provide internal pelvic floor physical therapy services, all assessment and treatments are performed externally. 

Visits are available beginning 6 week after delivery but are available for any mom, no matter how many weeks or months postpartum. Visits will expire 6 weeks from initiation of treatment. 


Package is 3 visits - $325

Visit 1) in home or in clinic - after 6 week check up and cleared by OB

  • early postpartum precautions 

  • diastasis recti assessment and support

  • appropriate exercises for pelvic floor muscle recruitment, stretches, and overall mobility 

  • pain issues - anywhere!

  • postural assessment while holding baby, wearing carrier, and feeding baby

Visit 2) in home or in clinic - anytime between 6-12 weeks 

  • progression of pelvic floor and global strengthening exercises

  • diastasis rectus support 

  • pain issues - anywhere!

  • c-section scar massage

  • your readiness to return to your favorite exercises 

  • pain issues - anywhere!

Visit 3) in home, clinic, or at your place of fitness/recreation -after 12 weeks postpartum 

  • PT will accompany you to your gym, on your run, at the park with your stroller, at your pool, or where ever you work out (pending approval of facility manager). If you don't have a preferred exercise, come try out the Pilates Reformer at Beyond Physical Therapy clinic. 

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