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Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

In the state of Indiana, a prescription for Physical Therapy from a physician is not required for evaluation and treatment of physical therapy for 42 days from the start of treatment. If Bonnie feels additional medical examination or treatment is indicated, patients will be referred back to their physician. 

Do you accept insurance?

BPT is “out of network” with all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. This allows Bonnie to spend more one-on-one time in our sessions and provide the highest quality of care to patients. Payment is collected at the time of service in the form of cash, credit card, check, flexible savings accounts or health savings accounts. BPT will absolutely work with each patient to develop a plan that works for their schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

Patients may be able to file this with your insurance company “out of network” reimbursement.” If you are interested in knowing your level of “out of network” reimbursement, please call your insurance provider and ask about their coverage for “out of network physical therapy”. This is solely the responsibility of the patient. After each session, you will be emailed itemized bill with all the necessary information to submit it to your insurance. This is the sole responsibility of the patient to do so.


What should I wear? 

Wear whatever is comfortable and something you can move easily in. Loose clothing is recommended so areas of injury or concern may be visualized. You may be asked to take off shoes for better assessment of posture and alignment. 

Can Peripheral Neuropathy be Reversed?

The good news is that if the underlying cause can be treated, so can peripheral neuropathy. It all comes down to the root cause of the disorder, which is why you should seek medical help as soon as possible to assess your particular case. Some causes can be treated with ease, while others can only be managed or mitigated. Depending on how much damage has been sustained, the peripheral nerves may be able to regenerate and reverse peripheral neuropathy.


Can I bring my baby/child?

Absolutely. One mission of BPT to is provide do-able healthcare for moms with kiddos. We can also use this time to assess your body mechanics when holding/nursing/picking up your baby, and do some training as well. Please note that you are responsible for your children's safety while on the premise. 

Can I workout on the Reformer without doing Physical Therapy? 

Yes and no. Bonnie uses the Pilates Reformer primarily as rehab tools. However, many patients who have completed their physical therapy plan of care are interested in continuing and progressing their program on the Reformer. Bonnie leads several of these "classes" throughout the week. While she is not a certified Pilates instructor, she has taken Pilates teacher -training courses and uses her PT knowledge to design appropriate workouts. People interested in scheduling Reformer sessions should contact Bonnie directly to discuss availability.

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